Polker Grupp OÜ

The main business direction is AC Power Adapters for laptops Polker®.
The products are chargers for different laptops, including Apple MacBooks, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, HP, MSI, Lenovo etc.

The main specialization of Polker holding is Private label Production and e-Commerce in the B2C and B2B segment worldwide (mainly in Europe). It includes e-Commerce trading on Amazon, Wildberries, Ozon (laptop AC Power Adapters, Jewelry, Gym Rings, Pillows for pregnant women, Earthenware Hookah Bowls, etc.)

Having analyzed thousands of reviews in the chosen e-Commerce niche, Polker writes a technical task, chooses a suitable manufacturer or opens its production, enters the market with a product with already taken into account the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, accumulated along the years => creates an ideal product that is in demand.

Thanks to this strategy, it receives honest and positive reviews and high product ratings from its buyers. This allowing Polker to keep prices above the market average and has a strong market position.

Sales results, as well as the marketing research of target markets, revealed the products being in demand and having high market potential, as evidenced by tens of thousands of satisfied customers and positive reviews.
We are represented in
United Kingdom
We sell our products in the United Kingdom on amazon.co.uk and other channels
Germany is the main sales channel for our products through https://amazon.de and other channels
We sell our products in Poland on amazon.pl, allegro.pl and other channels
We sell our products in France on amazon.fr and other channels
We sell our products in Italy on amazon.it and other channels
We sell our products in Spain on amazon.es and other channels
We sell our products in Estonia
Russian Federation
We sell our products in Russian Federation on ozon.ru, wildberries.ru and other channels
Hong Kong
Polker Grupp OU has an Affiliated company PLK Electronics Ltd in Hong Kong. PLK Electronics Ltd is a main supplier of goods from China to Polker Grupp OÜ
Roadmap of Polker Holding
  • Wholesale in Russia of Laptop's AC Power Adapters Imported from China
  • Opening of Polker online stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg
  • Polker Grupp OÜ company establishment in Estonia, market analysis of EU power supplies, development of own brand (Chinese production line, start selling on German Amazon, Polker brand registration)
  • Expansion of sales geography in the EU, inclusion of UK plug models in the range
  • Launch of the Polker, TigerWood, White Dove and DreamOnMe brands to the Russian market (Ozon.ru, Wildberries.ru)
  • Five-fold expansion of the Polker AC Power Adapter line
  • Attracting investment, expanding the product range, TigerWood production in Estonia
  • Polker external batteries, wireless headphones and chargers for European and US markets
  • Entry to Japan, Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Canada markets
  • Development of own brands and other product groups
  • Searching for further developments and diversions in the business
Ivan Kabakou
Co-owner (50% share), Management Board Member, CEO
2011 Event Marketing PR agency Director
2014 Laptops AC Power Adapter’s wholesale supplier in Moscow
2016 Polker.ru online store in Moscow and St. Petersburg
2017 Co-Founder of Polker Grupp

Belarusian State University of Transport, school of "Economics and production organization (railway transport)"

Master's degree in "Economics and Management in Enterprise", academic degree "Master of Economics and Management" (2018).


Russian, English.
Kirill Kabakov
Co-owner (50% share), Management Board Member, Financial director
Area of responsibility:
Legal, administrative and financial management.

2007 Customs Specialist / Acting Head of Customs Clearance Sector
2011 Wholesale Manager / Assistant Director of the jewelry factory "VIP 2000", St. Petersburg (holding "Alfa-Karat")
2012 Director of the company "Jeweler-Karat" Belarus (holding «Alfa-Karat»)
2017 Co-Founder of Polker Grupp

Belarusian National Technical University (BNTU), school of "Economics and enterprise management"


Russian, English.
We are honoured to have received an Amazon Chosen badge, which is awarded to certain sellers.

Amazon's Chosen products require meeting the following criteria:
"positive product rating, higher sales volume, reasonable pricing and favorable shipping speed".
Our rating on Amazon is 4.5 out of 5 stars. In 90% of cases, we are praised by our customers for high quality of our products.
Currently Polker Grupp sells more than 30 types of chargers for various laptop models, and we are constantly improving current chargers and launch new ones
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Legal address:
Republic of Estonia, Harju maakond, Talinn,
Kesklinna linnaosa, Tuukri tn 19-216, 10152

Registry code: 14262293